Plaster Wood Beams

Sculpted plaster allows the look of wood beams to be added to your new or existing home.  This option gives a unique and limitless opportunity to style, size, shape, and form  beams or elements for your particular home. Plaster beams don't require the special frame support or foundation that real wood requires, making them available to any size or structure of home including condos and townhouses.

Once complete, the beams or plaster elements can be decorative finished to any color or design of your choice. We've finished sculpted plaster elements to look like rustic wood or rusted metal I-beams.  We can incorporate custom corbels and metal bolts or straps to give them a finished look. The designs are limited only to our imaginations and your desires.  See our Gallery for more photos and pictures of our metal beams.

      Custom Plaster Beam with Gargoyle Crobel

            Plaster Wood Beams with Metal Straps

Plaster Wood Beams with Custom Corbels

Plaster Wood Beams

Plaster Wood Beams with Heavy Plaster Corbels

Heavy Plaster Corbel close-up

Plaster Wood Beams with custom Corbels