Plaster Brick:

    Plaster Brick is a unique way to bring brick into you home. Wether it is in an distressed way or a wall of brick. Our Plaster Brick is completely custom. We hand create every brick with no forms or stencils. We work with you to give you the look you want. We can give you a custom back splash for your kitchen or bar. Using Plaster Brick gives you and us the ability to bring a limitless style, shape, size, and color into you decor or project. Plaster Brick can be applied over any sound surface in you home. The options are limitless!

Custom Plaster Brick backsplash with Hand Carved Butterfly Stone


Custom Plaster Stone bar backsplash

Custom Plaster Brick Range Hood


Plaster Brick Wall

Plaster Red Brick Wall 

Distressed Plaster Brick

Distressed Plaster Brick

Distressed Plaster Brick