Metallic Plasters:

One Color Matellic Plaster Finish

    Another way to add a rich and warm finish to your home is to use Metallic Plasers. We can apply Metallic Plaster to any room in your home. By selecting from a vast color palette we can achive a distinctive finish. Metallic Plaster gives you the oppertunity to choose a color that you might of thought to be to dark. Having rich matellics in the plaster gives the finish the ability to reflect light. 

    Our Matellic Plasters are hand applied by our Decorative Finishers giving the walls or ceiling in your home a texture yet smooth to the touch, silky feel.

One Color Metallic Plaster Finish

    Metallic Plasters lend themselves to any decor. Whether it be and Old World feel or a strong Contemporary look you are going for.

    Metallic Plaster can be used as a single color application or used with multiple colors to create a very custom design.

Two Color Metallic Plaster Finish

Metallic Plaster Process:

  • Select an room or area for finish
  • Select a color(s)
  • Prime area in color matching primer
  • Apply Metallic Plaster(s)

Three Color Metallic Plaster Finish