There's more to drywall than

"How fast it can be done?"

Drywall is covering the entire inside of your home. So why shouldn't it look it's best?  Our focus is to bring the best out in your home!

Drywall or sheetrock installation is one of the most common steps in construction. Everyone knows what it is and someone who does it. Our company is based in this business. We work on new construction as well as existing homes.

As mentioned in our About Us section, every member of The Finished Edge is in the field every day. The partners and sub-contractors work together in every step of the job. This includes everything from covering floors with rosin paper at the start of the job, to cleaning and vacuuming up at the end of the job. If we do our job right, the only evidence you'll have of our presence is the beautiful walls and ceilings in your home.

This is the process of drywall installation:

  • Hanging the sheetrock
  • Applying Corner Bead
  • Taping joints, coating corner bead, coating butt joints, and coating nails
  • Applying two to three skim coats (depending on the finish Texture)
  • Spraying or hand applying Texture

We also prime and paint, including decorative or faux finishes, by request.