The term glazing refers to using paint or tints in a glazing medium to top coat a surface to add another color. Glazing can be performed using one or more colors. The colors can be applied at the same time or in different successions to create depth and interest.

           Two Color Glaze over Medium Plaster Glaze


Glazing is done in a room to add detail and make the walls or ceiling part of the decor. It is a great way to bring a room together with it's furniture and accessories to create an overall look.

            One Color Glaze over Heavy Plaster Texture


    The Glazing Process is one that can be done at any time. Whether your walls are textured or not. The color choices are endless. We make our own glaze for each project using high quality materials that can be used inside or out.

             One Color Glaze over Light Plaster Texture

Glazing Process:

  • Pick a room or area to glaze
  • Pick base color
  • Prime and Paint base color
  • Using custom glaze color(s) apply glaze

        One Color Glaze over Medium Plaster Texture