A better alternaive to EIFS
or traditional stucco

The Evolution of Stucco: 

    Tape & Float Stucco℠ by Carrara is fundamentally different: it goes up like drywall. The foundation is either fiber cement board or SmartSide© Engineered Precision Panels by Louisiana Pacific. There are major benefits when thinking of stucco like drywall, not the least being: Time, Durability, and Cost.

Lesson learned 
    The lesson is simple: build on a sound foundation. We believe that Lp Smartside© panels are a better foundation than either lath & cement or EIFS-foam. And the benefits of Carrara's cement-free finish based on a drywall model are clear:

LP-Smartside wall panels:


    Carrara Tape & Float Stucco℠ is the first authorized stucco system warranted by Louisiana Pacific over their Smartside® panel. This is also the first time that Carrara is now specified for application to an Engineered Structural Wood Panel.

    LP-Smartside Panels are available in 3/8" & 7/16" thickness and APA approved for single wall construction Direct-to-Studs (DTS).
Benefit - The DTS format saves one layer of material & labor.

    Opportunity - Modular Buildings, Apartments, Condo's, Multifamily, Duplex's, Restaurants, Military, etc. where time, cost & durability are most important