When you think of Plaster, you probably think of cracks and how to hide them.

Have you ever thought of those walls being crack free?

Most people associate plaster with cracks on the walls and the chunks out of the ceiling in their 100 year old homes.  What they don't realize is these walls and ceilings can be restored to their original, beautiful state.

Plaster is our specialty.  We have a family history going back four generations in this original wall covering giving us years of experience in repairing and renovating damaged plaster.  We use proven techniques and the best materials we've been able to find.  Our company has worked had to bring our customers the best ways we know to fix, repair or replace any plaster project we encounter. 

  •  Plaster Finishes can be created using a combination of old techniques and new materials giving your home any kind of character you wish.

  •  Plaster Patching can be done to bring your walls or ceiling back to their original beauty without interfering with the integrity of the home.

  • Plaster Restoration can be accomplished with homes that are losing their original plaster due to age, but the homeowner desires to keep their home true to the period in which it was built.

  • Plaster Casting can be done with any new or old form to make or keep the feel of the home and it's charm.