Casting with Plaster

Many years ago, The Finished Edge partners had an opportunity to work restoring a church in Sioux City, Iowa.  There were a number of decorative plaster forms on coloums, ceiling fixtures and walls that were either deteriorating or had disappeared altogether.  Some areas had no decorative features and the partners were asked to create new ones.  It was quite the experience and the beginning of plaster casting for our company.

Since then, we have perfected our ability in plaster casting.  We can create any form you wish or re-create any form that exists, install and finish it.  This ability not only allows for total freedom in creativity, but in many cases can be an in-expensive alternative to other decorating materials.

We have done many other historical renovations that involved plaster casting.  Currently, we have photos on our Facebook page showing work we've completed and are continuing at the All Saints Historical Church in Stuart, Iowa.  We have also done plaster casting and repair on the entry cove for Hoyt Sherman Place Auditorium in downtown Des Moines.